Just recently I've shot the main fashion story for the upcoming issue of VICE UK with Sam Voulters styling it!!! woooop wooopp, soo happy!!! It was all about lemons. Peeled lemons, cut lemons, squeezed lemons, limones, cytryny, limone, лимоны !!!!! ajjjj :))

Here is a sneak peek and some backstage, ooo siiii :)))


Some previews everybody, some exciting shoots coming out in May :)))

new shoot for new VRAG MAG

And a new shoot for KMAG, Polsih cool mag, featuring new Top Shop boy Duncan Pyke :)


new I LOVE FAKE ss 2012 is ouuttttttt!!!!!!!! wooop

pics: me
styling: Tess Yopp
grooming: Joanna Banach
photography assistant: Lucy Mckelvie Seth
model: BEN DICKER.

loooooove :*****

And the launch party :))



Yo yo. So here are the pictures of Andy Bradin, a boy I shot for VICE style with Sam Voulters styling it all!!!!!!! love those pics yum yum :)) here is the link to the story THE LINK :)


vice style :)

Couple of days ago I shot beautiful Andy Bradin for Vice style. Styling the shoot was Sam Voulters. Fuuuuuun times!!!!! for real. Thank you Andy and Sam!!!!!

the story coming out soon :)


I LOVE FAKE spring/summer 2012 sneak peek

I recently shot amazing street cast boy Ben Dicker for the upcoming issue of I LOVE FAKE, styling the shoot was Tess Yopp and Joanna Banach did the grooming.  Here is a little teaser :)) woooooop


I shot beautiful Angelica @ FM for VRAG MAG baroque issue

Styling: Tess Yopp
Make up: Joanna Banach
Hair: Takanori Yamaguchi
Model: Angelica @ FM model agency

I Atone

I shot a story about Lichen Sanctuary in Poland.
It was recently out in VRAG MAG.

Sanctuary in Lichen is an ambitious enterprise. With the nave 120 meters long and 77 meters wide, with a central dome 98 meters high, and with a tower 141.5 metres tall, it is Poland’s largest church and the 5th largest Catholic structure in the world. It has golden domes, the world’s largest organs and world’s biggest bell made specifically for Lichen in Italy. It was entirely built using pilgrims’ donations. Well, faith is a scary thing.