Rankin: DAZED & CONFUSED Dig the New Breed Exhibition.

Me and my friend Masha Mel got selected to exhibit our work in Dig the New Breed exhibition organized by Dazed & Confused and Rankin. Rankin and Tuuli personally selected the photographers and the images.
AAAwwww that was such an exciting day for us!!!! and it felt really special to be selected to represent the new generation of up and coming fashion photographers!!!!
Well yeah, you can see it all on my happy face in the pics below (pics by Masha Mel) 
and the free booze of course!!!! :D

A teaser

I have two new super-cool stories coming out soon. 

I shot beautiful Aza Shade and Pawel Bednarek for the upcoming issue of OZON magazine!!!
Some bruises and love everybody!!!!

I shot amazing Liza Serpova for C-heads magazine. Out soooon :)

This is Ireland!

I met Naomi at the bus stop in London 3 years ago. She became a close friend of mine.
She is from Belfast.
I met Ben this summer in Warsaw. He touched my heart.
He is from Dublin.

This is a diary form my journey to Ireland.
It was beautiful and very intimate. The nature, the people, my experiences.
On the last night of my stay Naomi and I got quite drunk. We were walking down the streets shouting that we would die for Ireland.

That’s it.

And some extra images from my trip :)